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Cameo Coins & Collectibles based in Vienna, VA is a rare currency and rare paper money dealer for all investors and collectors. We offer and stock a large selection of collectible US Currency, Bank Notes, Confederate Currency and World Paper Money. Our inventory is ever changing so give us a call if you do not see what you need. Whether you are buying or selling, please come by the showroom for a personal one-on-one assistance with all your currency needs.

4th Issue U.S. Fractional Postage Currency
4th Issue U.S. Fractional Postage Currency

During the Civil War small change was horded causing the U.S. Treasury to supplement the shortage with small denomination curriences.

1899 U.S. $5.00 Silver Certificate
1899 U.S. $5.00 Silver Certificate

Commonly refered to as “Onepapa” the Native American Indian pictured is actually “Running Antelope” of the Onepapa Souix Tribe.

1923 $5.00 Silver Certificate
1923 $5.00 Silver Certificate

Bust of Lincoln as photographed by “Matthew Brady” – Known appropriately as the “Porthole”.

1957-A Small Size U.S. Silver Certificate

The last currency issued actually backed by silver bullion

Series 1901 $10.00 U.S. Note (Legal Tender)

Appropriately refered to as the “Bison” note

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US Currency frequently asked questions

Bring your currency/paper money in for our experts to analyze to give you the best possible value. Referring to online sites and/or reference books is only helpful if you know how to grade your item.

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