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Bullion frequently asked questions

Do you buy and gold and silver bullion?

We buy and sell all forms and denominations of Gold and Silver Bullion including pre-1965 US 90% silver coin bags and rolls.

Do you buy scrap gold and silver?

Yes, we purchase for immediate payment all forms of scrap gold and silver. (Sterling, Flatware, Broken Jewelry, etc.)

How do I buy gold or silver?

Call us for daily quotes on gold or silver bullion or scrap. We stock a large selection of bullion products. We can guide you on your purchase, based on your specific objectives.

How do I sell gold or silver?

Bring in any piece of Gold or Silver and we evaluate each piece individually.  Prices are based off of daily SPOT prices at the time you sell.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in our present location for 30 years and have had storefront locations in the Washington, DC Metro area for over 40+ years.

Do You Charge Sales Tax on Bullion?

All purchases of legal tender Bullion coins (like American Eagles, SA Kruggerands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, etc.) over $1,000 are exempt from Virginia Sales Tax from January 1, 2019, to June 30, 2022. The tax exemption provision expires on June 30, 2022 buy may be extended. CHECK with Cameo Coins since tax laws are subject to change.

Is fake bullion purchased online an issue?

In our opinion, yes. And we have seen our fair share of fake over the years. In 2020, 83 tons of fake gold bars from China stunned the market, and the people who bought them. Not only did it involve Chinese counterfeit gold, but it emanated from a city that has become synonymous with scandal: Wuhan itself. Buy bullion local and buy safe. We’ve been here in Vienna, VA. for over 30 years.

What does the “spot” price of gold, silver, palladium and platinum mean?

The spot price for precious metals is the current market price in the wholesale market for immediate delivery. The spot price is usually quoted in US dollars per troy ounce. Spot prices are constantly changing since bullion is traded 24-7. Spot prices do not account for any other costs associated with the purchase or sale of bullion products, notably storage, shipping and insurance. You can check the current spot prices on our Bullion Webpage

What are “Junk” Silver coins? Are they a good way to own silver?

Prior to 1965, USA dimes, quarters and half dollars, coins were 90% silver. Some of these silver coins have little or no collectible or numismatic value and are thus referred to as “junk”. Also, some silver dollars -Morgan and Peace dollars- may also be considered junk but have higher premiums. Unlike newer 1 Oz. Silver Eagle bullion coins, junk silver contains only 0.715 troy ounces of .999 fine silver per $1 face value. So, a $1,000 bag of junk silver coins contains 715 troy ounces of .999 fine silver. Premiums may be lower - compared to other silver bullion products - but junk silver has risen in popularity and scarcity. Over time, many junk silver coins have been melted and converted into .999 silver bullion products. Cameo is an active buyer and seller of all junk silver coins and bags – any quantity.

Can I put bullion coins in my IRA?

Yes, it is possible. Some bullion coins that have a 99.5% fineness level and are legal tender can be owned by IRAs. NO COLLECTIBLES! An IRS-approved custodian is needed so you can’t store them on your own. You may not transfer to your own IRA coins or bullion you already own. The laws are complex. Consult your tax advisor and see 

US Coins frequently asked questions

How can I find the value of my old US coins?

Bring your coins to our store and our expert numismatic staff will be happy to assist you with grading and appraisal.

Do you buy and sell US coins?

Yes, we buy and sell all US coins – entire collection and single item. We are active buyers of both certified and raw coins.

What makes coins valuable and collectible?

The rarity and condition of an individual coin determines its value.

Do you appraise US coins?

We do verbal and written appraisals during normal business hours. Appointment appreciated for larger collections.

How should I store my coins?

There are several ways to store coins depending on condition.  Please bring in your coins so we can assist you in choosing the best possible packaging and storage. It is critical to store your coins properly to protect their value.

Do you have coin supplies?

Yes, we have all basic supplies and can special order anything you desire.

Do you purchase coin collections?

Yes, we purchase any amount and/or type of coin collections.

US Currency frequently asked questions

How can I find the value of my old US currency & paper money?

Bring your currency/paper money in for our experts to analyze to give you the best possible value.  Referring to online sites and/or reference books is only helpful if you know how to grade your item.

Do you buy and sell US & Foreign paper money?

Yes, we purchase all types and styles of US and all World Currencies.

What makes currency collectible?

The rarity and condition of currency determines its value.

Do you have supplies to store my rare currency?

Yes, we stock general currency supplies and can special order anything you desire.

Do you appraise US and foreign currency?

We provide verbal or written appraisals. Appointment appreciated for larger collections.

World Coins and Currency frequently asked questions

Do you buy world coins and world currency?

We purchase coins from all countries. Please come by or store or call for an appointment for expert appraisal.

Do you sell world coins and currency?

We sell coins and currency from all countries. We have many items in stock and can quickly source special requests.

Collectibles frequently asked questions

Do you buy old toys?

We purchase a variety of old toys including Lionel trains, Matchbox cars, comic cooks, and tin and cast iron antique toy soldiers.

Do you buy baseballs?

We buy all baseball memorabilia, including signed baseballs, bats, programs, cards, etc.

Do you buy collectibles?

We buy anything of value including rare coins and currency, stamps, comic books, watches, and antique weapons, cars, etc. Please come by our store or call for an appointment for expert appraisal.

What are collectibles?

Anything where there is an active market, such as old coins, currency, stamps, comic books, antique jewelry, old toys, memorabilia, trains, etc.

Buying and Selling

Cameo Coins & Collectibles has provided Northern Virginia with unsurpassed service for Buying and Selling.  At Cameo Coins & Collectibles you’ll find a large selection of Coins, Currency, Custom and Estate Jewelry, Gold and Silver Bullion, Sterling Flatware, and many other Antique Collectibles. Whether you want to Buy or Sell a custom piece of jewelry or your collection, you can be confident in our expertise and competitive pricing.  We also offer Appraisal Services by appointment.

We invite you to visit our showroom located at 444 Maple Ave E in Vienna, Virginia and discover the Cameo Coins & Collectibles difference.

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