Junk Silver Coins – Selling and Buying in Vienna VA.

Prior to 1965, U.S. Dimes, Quarters, and Half Dollar coins were 90% Silver. Kennedy Half Dollars minted between 1965-1969 and also 1976 were 40% Silver Clad. Eisenhower Silver Dollars, issued from 1971-S to 1974-S and 1976-S are 40% Silver Clad.

Some of these silver coins have little or no collectible or numismatic value and are thus referred to as “Junk” Silver coins. Also, some silver dollars -Morgan and Peace dollars- may also be considered junk but have higher premiums. Unlike newer 1oz. American Silver Eagle bullion coins, junk silver coins contain only 0.72338 troy ounces of .999 fine silver per $1 face value. So, a $1,000 bag of junk silver coins contains 723 troy ounces of .999 fine silver. Premiums may be lower - compared to other silver bullion products - but junk silver has risen in popularity and scarcity.

Cameo Coins in Vienna Virginia is an active buyer and seller of all Junk Silver coins serving Northern Virginia, DC and the USA. We buy and sell individual coins, coin rolls, and bags of silver in any quantity.

●       Very affordable starting point for investors, lower silver premiums

●       Cash buyers of all junk silver -any quantity -based on current spot prices

●       Selling $100, $500, $1,000 face value bags,mixed or single denominations

●       Available in small increments and rolls

●       Junk Silver Dollars,Morgan (1878 - 1904 and 1921),Peace (1921–1928; 1934–1935) each contain

.7734 ounces of silver.

●       Eisenhower Silver Dollars, (1971-S thru 1974-S,1976-S) are 40% Silver Clad

●       Junk Halves 90% Silver - Kennedy (1964),Franklin (1948-1963) Walking Liberty (1916-1947)

●       Junk Halves 40% Silver Clad - Kennedy (1965-1969and 1976)

●       Junk Quarters 90% Silver – Washington (1932-1964), Standing Liberty(1916-1930), and Barber (1892-1916)

●       Junk Dimes 90% Silver – Roosevelt (1946-1964), Mercury (1916-1945) and Barber (1892-1916)


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