GSA Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars

Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars

Since the closing of the mint in 1893, the Morgan Silver Dollar was one of the most popular coin’s struck at the Carson City Mint and the “CC” Morgan Silver Dollar has become one of the most highly sought after coins by numismatists across the world.

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    GSA Morgan Dollars with Certificate of Authenticity

    From 1878 until 1893, the United States Treasury minted Morgan Silver Dollars in Carson City, Nevada.  These silver dollars usually were minted in lower numbers due to the other four mints producing Morgan Silver Dollars in larger quantities.  Carson City dollars are designated by the “CC” mint mark located on the reverse at the 6 o’clock position directly above the D and O of Dollar.

    In the 1960’s, the United States Treasury found a hoard of uncirculated Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars.  After much discussion about what to do with these dollars, the General Services Administration (GSA) decided to sell them to the general public.  These sales sold nearly 2.8 million of the Morgan CC Silver Dollars that were distributed in seven successive sales between 1972 and 1980 by the General Services Administration (GSA) in Washington, DC.

    GSA Washington DC

    These dollars are now more commonly known by, “GSA Morgan Dollars” and come in a plastic case with a black cardboard flip case with a Certificate of Authenticity (as pictured above).  The value of GSA Morgan Dollars ranges from $100 – thousands of dollars, depending on rarity and condition of the coin. The original GSA packaging and Certificate of Authenticity can add value to the coin as well.

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