For Sale 1913-S Indian Head "Buffalo" Nickel (Type 2) - PCGS MS63

For Sale 1913-S Indian Head "Buffalo" Nickel (Type 2)- PCGS MS63


U.S. Rare Coins – Buffalo Nickels


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This key-date certified nickel in PCGS MS63 the third lowest mintage for buffalos. It may be seen in our Vienna, VA showroom. Appointment appreciated. You may also call (703)281-7053 to discuss. We accept many forms of payment, cash, check, debit,credit cards.  We can securely ship this coin in the USA. Approximate value $1,100.



U.S. Coins - Indian Head "Buffalo" Nickels

1913-S Indian Head "Buffalo" Nickel (Type 2) - PCGSMS63

DESIGNER: James Earle Fraser

EDGE: Plain

DIAMETER: 21.20millimeters

WEIGHT: 5.00 grams

MINTAGE: 1,209,000

MINT: San Francisco

METAL: 75% Copper, 25%Nickel

The Type 2 Buffalo nickel is similar to the Type 1 of 1913 except for the reverse. The Type 2 Buffalo features a restyled area at the bottom of the reverse. The buffalo previously standing on raised ground is now on a line or plane. The inscription FIVE CENTS, earlier on the mound, is now in a recessed portion below the line, thus protecting it from wear. This style was produced from 1913 through the end of the Buffalo motif in 1938.

The 1913-S Type 2 Buffalo nickel is one of the key dates in the series. It is the third lowest mintage and as such is highly desirable in circulated grades. In fact, only the 1916 double die and 1918/7-D are worth more in circulated grades. In mint state, this issue is a little easier to come by than some of the later D and S-mint issues. Gem MS65 examples are available from time to time, but superb MS66 or better specimens are very rare.

Value: $1,100.00



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