For Sale 1793 Wreath Cent - PCGS VF30 "Vine and Bars Edge"

For Sale 1793 Wreath Cent- PCGS VF30 "Vine and Bars Edge"


Flowing Hair Wreath (Large) Cents


How to Inquire or Buy -

A solid Flowing Hair Wreath (Large) Cent specimen with smooth surfaces and chocolatey color in stock.  This PGCS VF 30 certified coin may be seen in our Vienna, VA showroom. Appointment appreciated. You may also call (703) 281-7053 to discuss. We accept many forms of payment, cash, check, debit, credit cards.  We can securely ship this coin. Approximate value $11,000.


Coin Facts -

DESIGNER:Attributed to Henry Voight

EDGE: Bars and Vines

DIAMETER: 27.00millimeters

WEIGHT: 13.48grams

MINTAGE: 63,353

MINT: Philadelphia

METAL: Copper

The Wreath cent was an American large cent. It was the second design type, following the Chain cent in 1793. It was produced only during that year.


Obverse Design 1793 Flowing Hair Wreath (Large) Cent-

The obverse design consisted of a stylized Liberty head with flowing hair. The inscription"LIBERTY" appeared above the portrait. Below it was a three-leaved sprig and the date. The design of the Liberty head was modified somewhat from that of the Chain cent to address public criticism.


Reverse Design1793 Flowing Hair Wreath (Large) Cent -

The reverse's central design figure, for which the coin is named, was a wreath. The words"ONE CENT" appeared within the wreath, and the corresponding fraction"1/100" appeared beneath it. Along the outer edge was inscribed "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA". A decorative beaded border was added along the rim.


Varieties -

Approximately63,353 Wreath cents were struck. Early specimens featured a stylized"vine/bars" design on the edges of the planchet, which was identical to that of the earlier Chain cent. Later on, this was changed to a lettered edge reading "ONE HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR". Early American copper collectors generally categorize the coins still further into thirteen different varieties under the Sheldon system. Most of these variations entail relatively minor changes, and often require careful examination to discern. One variety, however, is far more recognizable: the "Strawberry Leaf".


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