For Sale $10.00 1880 Legal Tender "Jackass" Note - CU64 EPQ

For Sale $10.00 1880 Legal Tender "Jackass" Note - CU64 EPQ


U.S. Rare Currency - Large Size Legal Tender


How to Inquire or Buy -

This rare currency Jackass note is for sale and may be seen in our Vienna, VA showroom. Appointment appreciated.You may also call (703) 281-7053 to discuss. We accept many forms of payment,cash, check, debit, credit cards.  We can securely ship this note. Approximate value $2,700.


1880 Jackass Note Description:

Years: 1880

Type: U.S. Banknote

Denomination: $10 Dollars

Country: United States

Portrait: Daniel Webster Ten-dollar legal tender notes from 1880 are typically called Jackass notes by collectors. Known as the “Jackass Note” because when the note is held upside down the eagle on the face resembles the head of a donkey. The $10 “Jackass Note,” Series of 1869 to 1880, was ranked 71st most beautiful note in the book 100 Greatest American Currency Notes compiled by Bowers and Sundman.


Obverse: Bust of Daniel Webster, U.S. Congressman and Senator; Secretary of State in 1841 and from 1850-1852. Engraved by Alfred Sealey. At the right,Indian Princess Pocahontas being presented to England’s royal court. This is the first “Jackass note,” so-called because the eagle on bottom of the note looks like the head of a jackass when the note is held upside down. All notes from Nos. 96-113 are the so-called “Jackass” notes.



Signatures: (as depicted) Blanche Kelso Bruce, Register of the Treasury and Gilfillan,Treasurer of the United States.


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